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About Us

Organized Beautifully - A full service organizing company

Organized Beautifully has helped hundreds of people organize their lives for over 20 years. Our team helps people like you organize their space room by room to create harmony, efficiency, and serenity.

The many positive results of living in an organized environment include focus, calm and the ability to easily find things when you need them. Waking up in an organized bedroom is a great way to start your day.


Organizing Services

We organize all rooms in your home:

Closet, Kitchen, Pantry, Office, Bedroom, Garage.

We also offer a complete home move-in Unpacking service.


Debra G. - San Diego, CA

Thalia is a breath of fresh air to the concept of organizing. Her approach is not a "one size fits all" approach. She gives you a clear and easy formula for determining what organization style comes naturally to you. No matter whether your style is to stack or whether your office or home looks like a cyclone hit it, Thalia has a way of helping you find your way to a more organized life that fits the way your brain works! She does all this with professionalism, fun, and grace.


Max W. - Encinitas, CA

Thalia came to our home with an immediate plan to help and teach my daughter to organize and de-clutter her room and all her clothes, after doing an initial consult and review using photos I simply texted to her.  Well worth it and great ideas and made my daughter a part of the process in a fun and encouraging way.  There's hope!  Call Thalia!

Christina H. - San Diego, CA

I am so happy I found Thalia to help me organize my office!  It was a mess and I didn't know where to start.  Thalia has a very calm and systematic approach to organizing that will help you be relaxed through the process.  We had her out to our place twice and plan on bringing her back on a regular basis to keep us organized and on track.  Thank you, Thalia, you exceeded my expectations!

Laura B. - Poway, CA

Lovely person with thorough service, experience and insights. She helped me a a difficult stressful  time and I am so grateful for her help. I would recommend anyone getting in touch to see if her services are a fit. She is a life saver.

Elaine G. - Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Thalia Poulos is incredible and extremely multi-talented!  I highly recommend anyone who needs to be organized contact her immediately.  I wish I had contacted her a long time ago, as she did such a beautiful job on my closet!  Her prices are extremely reasonable too. Now my closet looks like a 'Dior Boutique' at the Bellagio!

Edward W. -  Vista, CA

Moving is horrible. Even more horrible is unpacking and organizing. Thalia and her assistant unpacked a ton of stuff and organized. They got my Kitchen and Clothing organized and functional. They also wasted no time. They worked HARD and had great ideas.

Call or Text: 760-519-9975
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